Topper Toys - Johnny Lightning
In-depth listing of the Topper Toys' Johnny Lightning versions and variations.

Searching for Topper Johnny Lightning information on the internet or books? Unfortunately there is just not much out there. What you mostly find is a few photos of someones collection or their for sale items. A bit more information can be found in some discusion forums but those are generally closed to the public. This site will bring more of this information out for all to learn about and enjoy the Topper created Johnny Lightning cars. This site is starting out small, but will continue to grow this information over time.

We appreciate any information anyone can provide that is interested in sharing the knowledge with others.
 Topper toys produced only 47 castings. Like to see your favorite casting documented? Volunteer to assist and share the knowledge.

Latest addition: Blister Packs & Catalogs Sections
Updated 12-May-2019
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